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Can the lupus rash cover your entire body?

Asked by Anonymous 2006-10-01 00:35:02 ago.

About 4 months ago I had a nodule come up on the back of my lower leg and I was told by my family doctor that it was related to my Lupus. I showed my Rheumy and he increased my prednisone to 20 mg. a day along with Arava, Plaquinl, and Lyrica for nerve damage in my legs. When I went back in a mo. My leg & Ankle were swollen so bad that I couldn't wear shoes. My ankle and foot feels so weak that I'm afraid I am going to twist my ankle and fall, and the pain in that hip and leg and foot is a pain deep to the bone and is almost unbearable. Also the red itchy rash had spread all around my leg with ugly bloody scabs. He perscribed Dapsone to go with the prednisone, plavquenil, and arava that I have taken since I was diagnoised with Lupus 2 years ago. Now another month has passed and the rash is everywhere. Started on my leg, and now is on legs, arms, back and stomach, breasts and neck. The itch is terrible and leaving scabs when I scratch. I have found that whenever I brush against a body part with the rash, my skin is tender to the touch and the itch makes me want to scrape my skin off.. Also, if I barely touch the rash ,it begins to bleed. The bumps are busting open and bleeding a lot. The blood spots are ruining my clothes for I am constantly wiping the blood away in some area of my body. I have so many, I'm bleeding somewhere all the time. Is this Lupus or something else? I go to the Rheumy Wednesday. If anyone has ever experienced these symptoms, please let me know. This is the first rash I've had except for the butterfly rash on my nose and face. Its been 4 months of doctor visits and medicine and am getting worse every day. Thanks for taking my question!

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